Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy Time Out

Escaping when J is gone is tough. I can't run to the bookstore for a break, I can't throw on my running shoes and head out on my own. It's just me and B. There isn't anyone who can give me a break when the nanny goes home for the day. Last night, I was ready to pull my own hair out. I had just dealt with the A/C disaster (total replacement has to be done, by the way, awesome) and I was trying to decompress and B was hell bent on pulling a speaker down on his head.

Now I don't know if this is a boy thing or a baby thing or a B thing...but, my boy loves cords. There is nothing more joyful is his life than pulling on, chewing on, or sucking an electrical cord. He hunts them out with precision and once he finds one, there is no way to make him forget where that cord had been found. So last night as I was trying to take a short break between A/C repairmen and getting dinner ready, B found the speaker cord for the surround sound speaker on top of the entertainment center. He pulled and chewed and it was only a matter of time before it came down on his head. So, I told him no, moved him away, and sat down again. He went back and back and back. I pulled him away from there at least 5 times. Finally, I lost my temper and plunked him down a little harder than previously. Then the water works started.

Crying upon receiving reprimand is a rather new (and frustrating!) development. I do my best to ignore it because I know that it is for a reaction. There are times when he is really upset and I respond, but there are also times where these responses are just plain pitiful and whiny. So, needless to say, these crocodile tears only made me further frustrated. It was at this point where I needed a mommy time out, but it couldn't be done. I could have put him in his crib for a brief moment, but that would have only lead to a greater scale melt down. I took a deep breath and gathered my best mommy talents and removed the boy from the cords once again and headed to the kitchen for dinner.

I know that there are single moms that do this everyday and I shouldn't complain, I just have to survive it for periods of time, but still, I need a break! I never thought about getting a babysitter while J was gone, but I think I might just have to.

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