Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spitting (Dinner) Time

So, the boy has started doing something new at meal time...spitting everything that comes on a spoon out. Anything that went in his mouth last night at dinner came right back out atleast once. When he was hand feeding himself corn and bananas (a strange combination, I know), no problems, went down without a fight. But, when I started spooing his dinner in his mouth, no dice.

I honestly don't understand it. I know that it is something that he likes. When I put it back in his mouth a second time, he would eat with no problems. I know that it wasn't too hot or too cold. I ate some myself to make sure. It tasted fine and he had eaten it before. He was just bound and determined not to eat it the first time it went in.

It was super annoying, not only for the wasted food, but also the significant amount of food that got spit out on me. My glasses were covered, my clothes were spattered, it was gross. Now, I admit that usually when I come home from work, I throw on some crummy tee shirt and sweat rather than putting on real clothes. But, yesterday, I actually put on nice clothes because we went out to the library and the park. I was hoping that they wouldn't get too dirty. WRONG.

I know that this is the age where stubborness starts and where food pickiness starts and where the appetite goes down. Fine. Just turn your head away or don't open your mouth. I'll take that, but this Gallagher show (way back reference) I am getting treated to is just no fun.

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