Monday, April 26, 2010

On the Go

Well, it's been a hot minute since I last posted. I spent the last week up in Newport, RI attending a war game (not quite as cool as it sounds). This was the first time that we left B with someone other than a parent as J was and continues to be underway. We left B in the capable hands of my parents, who spoiled him completely rotten. All his schedule was thrown out and he just had a ball. I was a bit nervous before I left him (his is my only baby after all), but I shouldn't have been. They loved him so much. He was well taken care of and my dad almost won't let me take him back with me. They are already asking about the next time that they can watch him.

Unfortunately, while I was away, my Grandma passed away and my parents had to take B to TN where I would meet them for the memorial service. This meant a complete change in plans for me and I had to do some serious flight adjustments. I made it in time for a lovely service for a lovely lady. Then B and I flew back late last night and I headed into work this morning.

Needless to say, I need a break, but there doesn't seem to be one coming anytime soon. In two weeks, my son will be baptized onboard his daddy's ship (really a pretty awesome ceremony) so everyone will be coming to visit us. We will also be celebrating his first birthday that weekend, which I really can't believe. So, there is a lot to get done and of course, J won't be home until a day or two before so he will be no help.

I have much more to say later, but I wanted to get something jotted down before B wakes up from his nap and who knows how long it will be until I get a chance to sit down again!

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