Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Morning Naps

Continuing my poor me post from yesterday, I want to say that I miss the morning nap. B gave this joyous event up just a few weeks ago and I have looked back longingly ever since. Now, I didn't really notice it on the week days, but this weekend when I was on my own, I MISSED IT! God bless the nanny for making it this far without it.

I realized how many things I crammed into the time. Showers, laundry, cleaning...it was a wonderful time when I could recover from the morning destruction. My son has become a tornado, ripping his way from one area to another. Meal time can be described as nothing other than a disaster. It includes dog feedings, food throwing and general smearing. Play time tends to consist of throwing toys, ripping paper, and general devastation. Needless to say, the few moments in the morning I had to clean were precious. I could turn the tide in the house back in my favor. No more.

This weekend I was on the run for 8 solid hours behind my boy. From 6 am to 2 pm. Pick up, take away, redirect, repeat. He never slowed down. It was unbelievable. Graciously, this no morning nap has led to an extra long afternoon nap, usually about 2 hours. But, by the time this nap hit, I needed one. The last thing I wanted to do was clean up. However, I mustered all my energy and I cleaned. I cleaned because I knew there was no way it would get done later in the day after the dinner time fiasco that always occurs (think dogs, cats, and babies conspiring to drive me insane).

There are times when I am running behind this child wondering how something so tiny could defeat me. Nothing defeats me. I am an officer in the world's most powerful navy. I have driven a warship, shot missiles, and done a million other things that are awesome. And then this little 20 odd pound crawling monster can exhaust me in a way that none of these other things have. I will certainly be interesting to see what happens when he starts walking (which I feel we are on the verge of any day).

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