Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wonders of Technology

This separation has been tough, but thankfully, we have been able to harness the power of technology to our advantage. Through Skype, I have been able to see my son everyday and read him his nighttime story. It's really wonderful to see his face break into a smile when he hears my voice. My MIL and hubs have also been sending picture messages throughout the day for me to see him from afar.

It's amazing to me the advances that I can take advantage of while I am away. A few years ago when my hubs was stationed overseas while I was home stateside, we spent a fortune on phone cards and cell phone bills. We had no way to see each other. Now, we can talk for free over the Internet with video. I cannot express how much that means to both of us. Right after B was born, J left to go to school on the East Coast. He missed practically the whole first 6 weeks. However, with Skype and email, he was able to see tons of pictures and B was used to hearing his voice.

Being separated is, unfortunately, the reality of being in the military. In our family, someone is almost always away from home. However, with the these new technologies, the separation is just a little bit easier. I don't feel as far away as I usually do.

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