Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diana and Physical Fitness....

Are not friends! So, I'm in the Navy and part of my job is to be in pretty decent shape. They give us time at lunch to work out, you can work out in the morning or after work. We have physical fitness tests and we have to be weighed every 6 months to make sure we are in shape. Here's the rub, I hate working out and I hate eating healthy even more! I run my behind off, generally 20 to 25 miles a week, just to stay at the same weight (and it isn't that low). I have thankfully gotten to the point where I don't hate running and, on rare occasion, sometimes enjoy it.

Having the baby completely threw everything out of whack. I am often so tired from handling him that I just don't have the energy to work out. I have a jogging stroller that I use often and really like, but getting the energy to go out and use it is really where the problem lies. But, I have no choice. You only have 6 months to lose the weight (which is no small task, especially for someone who likes the lickies as much as I do). Well, it's been six months and I still have 5 pounds to go. I just can't seem to get them off. I run like a demon, I eat (fairly) healthy and it just isn't budging.

With the Holidays coming up, I am pretty much doomed. I honestly will probably have to run on Christmas day. Oh well, at least it will give me a break from the family for a few hours.

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