Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving Day

Something all too familiar is outside our house today...the moving van. The hubs and I have moved nearly ever two years in our time in the Navy. Every time it takes precise planning and execution. You have to figure out what to put in the car that needs to be at the next house when you get there, dishes, clothes, etc. You have to make hotel reservations along the way. There are millions of details that have to be figured out, sorted out, and packed.

Now I have to move with a 6 month old. Every detail is multiplied ten fold. Plus, there is just so darn much gear. Crib, stroller, bottles, food, the list goes on and on. You have to take more things, but you have less car space with the car seat. So, you have to make trade-offs. I am planning on traveling 5 days with only 2 pairs of pants (and other clothes of course). The hubs packed out (put in the moving truck) some of his most prized comic books.

Moving this time seemed so much harder for other, less tangible reasons. If moving is hard enough on us, how much harder will it be on B? How will he handle the hours in the car as we drive down to our new house? How will he adjust into a new house? So many questions with no clear answers. Well, there's no point sitting around wondering, we have to move!

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