Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

It's official. I have to leave my son behind for the first time tomorrow. I keep reminding myself that it's only 5 days, but, right now, that seems like an eternity. I know that I should be thankful that I have not had to be away from him for more than a few hours so far. In the navy, 6 months together seems like quite a feat. My husband was only with us for the first few days after B was born and then he had to go away again. I know that my hubs and MIL will do a wonderful job taking care of him, but they aren't his mommy. They just don't know him as well as I do. I know all the signs, all the tricks, just about everything about this boy. I know the songs he likes when he is sad or when he is happy. I know how he loves to play first thing when he wakes up. It's tough to know that I won't be able to read him his bed time story or kiss him goodnight again until Friday.

I try to keep tricking myself by saying this will be an opportunity to recharge my batteries, get some sleep, and regain my mojo, both personal and maternal. I will get to sleep through the night, work out when I want to, all the things that I have been complaining about lately. However, I would gladly give all of that up just to not have to be away from my baby for 5 days. I just don't know how I am going to do it. I do know one thing, I'll be snuggling a little bit extra with the boy tonight.

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