Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Food Battle

As a result of our recent trip to Disney World, B has become much more comfortable with eating table food. He certainly prefers certain things to others (anything with sugar is VERY high on the list), but he is generally a good eater who will try almost anything. The problem is that I just don’t know how to proceed from here. It seems that when he eats table food, he eats much less than when he eats food from the jar. There is a lot more playing around and loss of focus when new things are placed on his tray for him to feed himself.

B has also wised up to the fact that table food is better than baby food. I can get him to eat baby food when there is no other option presented, but if we are eating something, he turns his nose up at the baby food or spits it out. I know that at some point he will totally give up baby food and, really, it’s cheaper and easier when he does. No more buying separate food, no more special trips to the store. However, I am concerned that he just won’t get enough to eat. I know that kids won’t starve and they will eat when they are hungry, but still, he just doesn’t eat as much and gets fussy. I guess that I can just feed him and, if he’s hungry, he’ll eat. That just seems mean though.

This is one subject where the hubs and I just flat out disagree. J thinks that he shouldn’t be eating table food at all, that we just need to worry about baby food. I know that he worries he won’t get as healthy of food and won’t meet his required amount of fruits and veggies. And he’s kind of right, we don’t eat bad by any means, but we certainly never meet our number of veggies for the day. I look at this as an opportunity for all of us to do better, he looks at it as another way we are going to screw B up. As I do my meal planning for the week, I am already adding in some new things just for B. He’s going on table food and we are eating better. That’s the only option. We can’t go back to baby food.

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