Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back from the Big Trip

We did it.  We survived it.  We took a 9 month old to Disney World and we lived to tell about it.  It wasn't always pretty (sometimes it was down right ugly), but we had a lot of fun, made a lot of good memories, and took a ton of great pictures.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but my grandparents were spending two weeks in Orlando, so we could get free lodging and there were discounted tickets for the military, so we jumped at the chance to take a significantly reduced price trip to DW before J starting getting underway all the time.  We knew that it would be tough to take B, but we also knew the memories would be great ones.

I have to admit, I love DW.  I get so excited to go there.  We went their on our honeymoon, we went to Disneyland for my birthday, we took a Disney Adventure.  All within 3 years.  Yes, it's a lot, but it's just a fun experience.  The ease of planning, the special touches when there, and the memories that come home with are unmatched in my opinion.  Now I am not saying I want to take a vacation there every year only, but I really do enjoy visiting.

B seemed to really enjoy the trip, if for no other reason than spending the week with his great-grandparents.  Boy, was he spoiled.  He ate all kinds of junk, got held almost constantly, and had constant attention.  He seemed to enjoy meeting the characters, he wasn't scared at all.  He laughed pretty darn hard at Pluto (I think old Pluto reminded him of two certain naughty puppies that weren't there) and just smiled and smiled at Tigger.  He also went on some rides, he rode It's A Small World more than once and spent much of the ride yelling at the characters.

This trip was very different from previous ones, we didn't do as much, we went home much earlier each day, and we had to schedule our day out a lot more.  It was a very different experience, we saw a lot more detail this time because we slowed down.  We saw more parades and shows.  It was nice to stop and take in the hard work. 

It was a much needed break, but there is so much to do tonight!  Ah!  I need another vacation.

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