Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Dread Associated with Developmental Milestones

As a first-time mom, I rely heavily on books and online information to know when my son should be reaching specific developmental milestones. Crawling, sitting up, smiling, you know the things they are supposed to do by a certain time or you have to start worrying. Well, B has been on time for pretty much all of them, he sat up, smiled, crawled, and got teeth all right on schedule. But there is one thing that B has been consistently behind on, vocalizations.
9 months is the red flag time for babbling. This means using consonants in speech, it usually starts with baba, mama, dada. Well, up until yesterday, B had never done anything close to this. He would sequel with joy and coo, but no hard sounds, no just general talking. I shouldn't have been surprised, B was late cooing. However, as his 9 month day got closer and closer, I found myself getting more and more concerned.
We try our hardest to read, sing, and talk to B. I make sure to spend time every night before bedtime reading to him. We sing him songs as he finishes his bottle. We try to not let him watch TV. I feel like we are doing everything right, but, darn it, if this kid was just did not want to talk.
So, I started to research on the internet. Now, normally lots of people say no to internet research, it just leads to more stress, but during my pregnancy I did internet research and it probably saved B's life. But, in this case, I just kept getting worse and worse news. Everything said he should be talking; he should be doing something and if not, talk to the doctor. In the age of autism, it seems that huge amounts of pressure are put on social interactions of children.
Well, B said baba yesterday and hasn't stopped since. At B's next appointment (in a week or so), I am still going to mention it, but I think the next development milestone I will try and be a little more patient before I start to panic.

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