Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Wintery Weekend

Well, another wintery weekend is upon us.  Darn you groundhog, we need spring!  While we probably won't get as much snow as last time, we are still expected to have wet, icy conditions, which normally would be great for staying home.  There's only one problem, I have to work both Saturday and Sunday!

So, I freely admit I am not a great driver.  I get distracted listening to the radio and thinking.  I follow too close and drive too fast.  I know it and I'm wokring on it, but I still am a little bit nervous driving in these kinds of conditions.  I notice that I do drive better when Brian is in the car, so rest assured, I do value his life more than my own.

I am bummed that I will have to work this weekend.  I know that everyone works weekends and I have worked quite a few recently.  I just have had this feeling of not being a member of the household these past few weeks and my weekend at home really recharged me.  Plus, we are leaving on our vacation in only 9 days and I have so much to plan, do, and pack.  Well, I guess I just have to keep chugging along and get one day closer to that wonderful FL sunshine!


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