Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy's Bad Day

While at work today, I got a CALL ASAP 911 text from J. So I immediately jump on the phone...disaster has struck. B fell off the couch, straight onto his face. My hubs was in a complete panic. He was afraid to pick him up if he had broken something. So I calmly (while I was in total panic on the inside) instructed him to pick him up and call the Doctor. I hung up and waited. During this time, I began calculating how long it would take me to get, how long it would take me to get to the hospital, what B would need to pack. Basically, I began preparing myself for the worst.
I wait 10 minutes and called back. My hubs reported the doctor said B would be fine and gave him some warning signs to look out for. Then J breaks down in tears. While heading outside to get the phone number from his car, he fell on the ice and hit his head on the bricks. He's hurt now as well. So, I have my two main men at home with head injuries, and here I am at work.
I wanted to leave and come home and take care of everyone, but I couldn't. I had to stay at work. I had to stay because I had a job to do, but also because I needed to let J take care of this. For both of us. J needs to build his confidence with B. He rarely has tough days, he is constantly worried. If he could handle this, he would be a lot better off. But, also for me. I needed to trust J enough to handle this. I needed to let someone else take care of my baby. When I go on deployment, I can't run home, I have to trust that J can do the same job that I can.
It was tough, but I stayed. I trusted J. And, you know what; everyone was in one piece when I got home.

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