Thursday, December 17, 2009


So, the hubs and I have chosen to follow the extended vaccination plan endorsed by Dr. Sears. We know that there are no links between autism and vaccinations. We decided that it would be best to limit the amount of stress that our sons body is placed under at one time. We are not omitting any vaccinations, merely taking them at a bit slower pace. 3 doctors that we have seen agreed that this method was fine and encouraged our actions.

Since we have arrived in VA, we have been shut out at every turn. We were told he would have to have 7 shots at once at the military clinic. A private doctor will not even see us. We went to the health department clinic to get some shots and were told that "you people" should just follow the CDC guidelines and were unable to obtain one of the shots required.

I seriously am beginning to doubt our decision, which is beyond frustrating. I feel that we are being bullied into an action we don't want to take. The health care in VA has literally taken away our choices as parents. I know in my heart of hearts that we are choosing the right option, but it is hard to not doubt myself with all this adversity.

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