Monday, December 7, 2009

Gearing up for the Holidays

So, as I have mentioned before, my hubs will not be home for Christmas next year. As a result, we are really super loading this year. We are visiting as many people as we, going as many places, and seeing as many things. This has led to some serious planning and will likely lead to some serious burn out at the end. But, we decided that we would be upset with ourselves if we didn't get this much in. That next year we would look back and wish we had done things differently.

We went to Busch Gardens last night for their Christmas celebration (it's relatively close to our house) for an our family only event. It was just me, the hubs, and B. We had a great time. We took B on the carosuel for the first time. We saw shows, ate good food, and had some special time for our new family. I had this sinking feeling that over the next few weeks this might be the only movement that we would have to savor as our own family. We willing be running so much, seeing so many people that it is unlikely that we will have a moment just to be a new family. I am not upset about this, I love being with my family during the holidays, but I don't want to look back next year when J isn't here and wish that we had had more time together. It is a delicate balancing act, we have to both do a whole bunch of stuff, but also take time as a family.

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