Saturday, December 12, 2009

Medical Care and the Military

So, we have generally been very pleased with the medical care that both ourselves and our son has received. Sure, it's not the best of the best, but when we are sick or hurt, we have been cared for. Our son's previous two doctors have been helpful, informative, and caring. We couldn't have been happier until yesterday.

Our son was due for some 6 month vaccinations. We scheduled an appointment with our new clinic. We follow the Dr. Sears extended vaccination schedule, which we have had NO issues with our previous doctors. In fact, both of them pointed out that we are the decision makers for our child's health care, they only offer recommendations. So, we waited yesterday while the nurses prepared to give B his shots. The nurse walks in and says the clinic's policy is to give all shots to get children up to date. No exceptions, no other options. This would mean B would receive 7 shots at one time. Wait, what? We decided to leave the clinic and try and find another source of care for our son, even if it means that we have to pay for his childcare out of our own pocket.

I understand that people worry about not getting vaccinations. However, we intend on getting all the shots, just at a different pace. Not only do I find it medically questionable to give a 6 month old 7 shots at one time, when were not even given the option of speaking to a doctor. We were told we could do this, or leave. I am frustrated because we feel that we were bullied into making a decision. We had the strength to hold true and make other decisions, but what about the younger enlisted parents? As we walked out, we began questioning our choices and wondering if we were in fact wrong. Needless to say, our frustration level with government health care is extremely high right now. We now are wading into the bureaucratic mess of a TRICARE change.

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