Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 months down, 6 to go!

We have survived 2 months! It's a super bummer that we still have over 6 to go, but still, one step at a time.

B and I (mostly I) have adopted the fill the time with as much stuff as possible, so it doesn't seem to go so slow. We have undertaken a new home improvement project (painting several rooms), visited with friends, taken trips, and hit up museums. All of these things have done a great job of filling our idle time so it doesn't feel so empty. I can't think of a weekend over the past two months where we didn't have something going on.

But, here's the rub, I am exhausted! This pregnancy has wiped me out far, far more than the first one. I remember when pregnant with B, around 14 weeks I had a huge surge in energy. Not so this time. I have struggled to make it through the day almost every single day. I keep hoping that my energy will return, but so far, no luck.

So, I know that I need to slow down and take a few days to recover, but I don't want to. I don't want to stop and have to think about all that we are missing. I don't want to think about how sad it is that B doesn't get to see his Daddy and I don't get to have my great hubs around with me. So, what's a girl to do? Slow down and remember just how darn sad we are or run, run, run and be super tired? Hopefully there will be some balance that emerges, heck, we have 6 more months to figure it out.


  1. Does that mean my energy will be back in a few weeks?!?! Because I'm SO tired ALL THE the point of three hour naps every afternoon!! Ugh!!!

  2. Hopefully! I was totally, totally wiped out through the first trimester the first time, but the had a total resurgance. This time, not so much, but the feisty 18 month old holds a lot of the blame.