Friday, October 1, 2010

Water Logged

Man, it rained here like it has never rained before. We basically just had 3 days of solid rain. There were times that it sounded like someone had turned a hose on top of the house. It was like that scene from Forest Gump in the jungle, the rain came every style and direction and it just kept coming.

Thankfully, the house fared fine. No trees down, no leaks inside the house, we can't complain. However, the backyard may never be the same again. The dogs almost had to swim to get out to go to the bathroom, there was a solid inch of standing water back there. The worst part of this was that they brought as much as possible back in with them and then shook it all over the house. Miserable, just miserable. For the past couple of mornings, as soon as I would let them in, I would be coated in water, a great way to start the day!

Even B seems a little beaten down by the weather. He and the nanny haven't been making their usual trips to the library and the park this week. He has an interesting mix of extra energy and sleepiness. The rain noises appear to be so soothing that all he wants to do is rest, but then he will have an incredible burst of silliness that makes him run around like crazy.

There is supposed to be a little break in the weather for the next couple of days. And it is finally supposed to cool off! Hooray, no more 80 degree days. I am ready for a little fall weather (but sunny)!

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