Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick Baby

Well, B is sick for the very first time. He's not super sick by any means, he just has a heavy cold, but I just feel so bad for the poor kid. His nose is super snotty, he has a terrible cough, and has been running a little fever. AND because his nose is so full and we have to wipe it all the time, his little nostrils and cheeks are getting chapped and raw. He also is having trouble sleeping because he is so congested. We have been trying our hardest to keep him as comfortable as possible without making things worse.

I feel so very helpless and like a terrible mother. I can't be at home with him and snuggle him like I know he wants because I have to go to work. I'm not terribly effective at work either because I spend most of my time worrying about him. I have no idea how to make things any better for him. I know what makes me feel better when I am sick, but that doesn't really apply to a baby. I worry that we might be fretting over him too much and are making him more uncomfortable when we are trying to make things better. His inability to communicate really makes the whole process pretty challenging.

Thankfully, our nanny has been a saving grace. She takes wonderful care of B and also has the ability to make me feel better. She reassures us and she calls on her previous experiences to reaffirm that we are doing things right. Being new parents, we have no idea 90 percent of the time if what we are doing is correct. Our parents can offer some advice, but the methods and tools available have changed significantly in the last 20 odd years. There are lots of other parents that offer advice, but sometimes it can get to be overwhelming. Having someone who just lets you know that what you are doing is good without any suggestions is really a good feeling.

I know that this to shall pass and that B will be over this cold soon enough. I know that we will be better prepared and more confident with the next illness. I knew that he was going to get sick sometime. I just wish it wasn't so soon!

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