Sunday, January 24, 2010

Babies on the move

B is officially a crawler! Hooray! I was so pleased that I was home the first time (or so I like to think) B got into motion. He's not REALLY crawling, he is moving more Army crawl style, how appropriate. It is amazing how quickly he got it down and picked up his pace. On Friday, he was just doing it every once in a while when there was something that he really wanted. Then by Saturday, he was doing it pretty much all the time and on Sunday, he wouldn't stay in one place.

This new movement was followed by a flutter of baby proofing and general mess cleaning in our house. Since I have been working so much, I have to admit that our house is not as clean as I would like it to be. There are pet hair tumbleweeds that have been allowed to exist too long. There are muddy paw prints ALL over the house. So, after I saw B stick a second hair ball in his mouth, I declared martial law and started cleaning. I cleaned from top to bottom and everywhere in between. I know that in a house with 5 pets, B is going to encounter some hair, and that's okay. But, seeing my son place a fist full of nasty pet hair was just too much. I think that we are going to arrange the house a little differently to keep the dogs out of the areas that B spends most of his time in. I also think that we are going to have to redouble our cleaning efforts.

I knew this time was coming, but I just wasn't ready! I am so excited that he is mobile, but I just didn't realize the changes that this would mean. There is no more putting him somewhere and being able to get other things done, he now commands our full attention. The one time I did turn my back, he had a power cord in his mouth in no time! Ah well, babies grow up.

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