Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Wars

J and I knew when we bought our current house (our first) that there would be repairs and upgrades that we wanted to take on. Now, with neither of us being handy, this would mean that we would have to hire someone to provide these services. Well, we have already had to replace the A/C (as previously blogged about), but last night our back door started leaking pretty significantly.

The back door was a known issue. The previous owner felt that he was handy (the final verdict is still out and it's not looking good) and replaced this. Poorly. So, we need someone to come in and do a total replacement of the door and surrounding wall (there is some significant damage to the dry wall from the construction and resulting water damage). There are also some areas on other walls that need some dry wall work. We know that we would like to do some changes in the kitchen (where this door is located) as well.

So, here is my predicament, do I take out a good sized loan and get a chunk of this work done or do I just fix the back door out of savings? J being the penny pincher that he is, wants to just do the door. I, however, would like to get some work done in the kitchen so we can actually enjoy the house that we live in before we move again (always hanging over our heads, we are hoping for 5 years). Now, J leaves for 8 months in September. I could just wait until he leaves and handle all this myself (which is what I will likely do), but I like to have his input on large purchases like this. No matter what, the back door has to be fixed. Home ownership stinks.

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