Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Treasures

We haven't seen much of J lately. Between underway time and an aggressive maintenance schedule, we have been lucky to get him home before B goes to bed at 7.

So, when he arrived home at 5 yesterday afternoon, both B and I were really excited. We all grabbed our swimsuits and headed to the pool (the 105 degree temperature outside made this an easy decision). B loves, loves, loves swimming. Loves it. We have a little inflatible turtle that he can sit and splash around, but he also loves to be held by mommy or daddy and "swim." There's a lot of kicking and splashing, but he doesn't really get anywhere. We even dunking a couple of times and he didn't seem too upset. I always worry with all the splashing he is going to get an ear infection, but so far so good (famous last words!).

After 30 minutes of pool fun, we headed out to a quick dinner at Moe's (our favorite!) and then home for a little snuggle and play time. It's funny how things have changed in just the past couple of months. Before J reported to the ship and started being gone so often, we never would have treasured these extra hours as much as we did. It was like a small treasure that we had to cherish. We didn't do anything special or extraordinary, but it just seemed so wonderful.

Here's hoping that J will make it home early again today so we can do something else!

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