Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Meaning of the Word "Blow"

Oh, how I wish my son knew what it meant.  B has a cold, again.  Sadly, I am pretty sure he got it from J.  I think that everytime our son has gotten sick, it has come from one of us, not from other kids.  We're the germ factories!  Anywho, the boy is a snot machine.  Snot everywhere and on everyone.  He sneezes and it just drips out.  It is SO gross, like mega gross, like grosser than anything we have previously dealt with.  Ugh, I can't take it, everything has a fine layer of slime on it. 

I truly wish the boy knew how to blow his nose.  I use the snot sucker thing, but it doesn't get that much out and it is such a battle that it almost isn't worth it.  I have to try and pin him down, hold his head, and use the sucker without hitting his brain all at the same time.  Terrible. 

I feel bad for my buddy because I know he doesn't feel good and it doesn't help that I get frustrated with him.  He can't sleep very well, so neither can we.  J and I have been taking turns sleeping in the rocking chair with him so he can get some drainage. 

It's tough because I was really looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  We have a tough couple of weeks ahead of us and it would have been nice to have a calm weekend.  I know that I should just feel bad for my buddy, but I can't help but feel a little bad for myself.  Life goes on I suppose, I just wish I hadn't had an hour stolen from me to top it off! 

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