Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Halfway There!

We’re on the downhill! Finally, after 131 long, long days, we are now on the backside of this deployment and the end is somewhat in sight. I mean, it’s still 131 days, but that’s way better than what we have been facing. Our countdown chain is finally somewhat manageable and I might actually be able to string it downstairs instead of keeping it piled up in a garbage bag.

It’s strange to think that in that short (ish) amount of time, B and I will transition from being a two person household to a four person household, first with the arrival of NB and then the return of Daddy! I am grateful that my son is a fairly flexible person (something I think that we have cultivated since his birth – what other 3 month old flies across country twice and moves across country). I think that he will adjust to these changes with relative ease.

My parents will be staying with us for the first two weeks after NB’s arrival and I think that will be crucial to B. My father, Grampy, is the single best person in the whole world to B. Old Grampy can calm the boy in a way that I have never seen. He doesn’t tantrum with him, he just loves him. We will also have some other visitors in the first month, so that should give B some much needed extra attention while Mom is otherwise occupied. Then, Dad comes home, and although I am sure that B will have no idea who he is, I am sure that he will quickly fall into a good relationship with his father.

The only beings I am concerned about having transition problems over the next few months are 3 little kitties and 2 puppies. None of the cats were living with me when I had B, they were all in RI with J, so they have never experience a newborn. Two of the cats have grudgingly accepted the existence of B, they hang out in high locations whenever he is about. One, Nosy Rosie, has really taken to B and loves to sit with him and be petted and even lets him pick her up. Lou, one of the dogs, was with me when B was born and really did a great job with him. I remember him running between the crib and me when they baby started crying. He would constantly check in the stroller when we were out on walks, just to make sure his baby was still there. Lou, I’m not so worried about. Sully, though, may present a problem. Sully is hands down J’s dog and may miss him more than anyone else. I already know he is going to have some jealousy issues. My plan is to get out on a walk every day (weight loss!) to try and help Sully adjust.

So much to think about and plan for! But, at least we are on the downhill!

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