Friday, January 14, 2011

Registry Politics

I received a very interesting phone call last night from Babies R US. A registry person called and asked if I wanted a personal appointment because my registry was missing some important items.

With our second boy on the way in less than two years, I am having a challenging time coming up with what we really need when it seems like we have everything. NB doesn’t need a stitch of clothing, I think there are some things that B never even wore. We have towels and sheets, baby tub, diaper genie, bottles, pump, just about everything. I am going to sleep with NB in the room with me, while B kicks it in the crib until J gets home (the logistics are really just much easier this way). So, that just leaves a stroller and some diapers. Thus, I have a pretty sparse registry.

BTW, can I mention just how darn expensive these double strollers are. It’s highway robbery! I really want a Phil and Teds for space, jogging, and convenience, but I just can’t stomach spending that much money. I know that I will ultimately, but it just stinks. Plus, I have to have a double for the nanny, so we really almost need two strollers (I WILL NOT buy two Phil and Teds).

Anyway, I digress, I kind of feel bad that this baby won’t have anything “new,” but then I remind myself that it really just gets barfed and pooped on AND they don’t remember anything anyway. So, it doesn’t really matter what they wear, sit it, play with.

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