Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Baby!

We have a little water baby! My boy loves, loves, loves to play in water. This extends to all pools of water, great or small (even the dog bowl). The child is plain drawn to water.

I mention this because we went to the water park for the second time yesterday this summer and I have never seen my little boy more excited. He laughed and played and had a blast. Even times when I thought he would get a little scared, he seemed to have fun. We jumped waves in the wave pool, floated down the lazy river, and played in the kiddie areas. (Side note: alot of children who should wear swim diapers weren't! Just pay the extra money, no one wants to get out because someone pooped.)

In some ways, I am not suprised by this development. My son always loved to take baths. From the day his umbilical cord fell off, that kid was in the bathtub. I know that babies don't need baths everyday, but B took them because he seemed to enjoy splashing and kicking in the water so much.

This day at the water park was especially important as it was our only day of "vacation" before J departs on Friday. The memories that we made yesterday will have to fill the 8 long months of separation. There were many times where I caught J watching B playing looking a little misty.

We had a total blast and one worn out baby to prove it!

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