Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Battle Begins

Well, we have set a very important date. On June 20, we are starting hard core potty training. It’s just time. There are just so many reasons. The poops are just too gross for me and J to take on anymore. Diaper cost with two kids is back breaking. Plus, B is old enough and has the understanding level to make this happen.

We have made a small foray into it. We have done a couple of afternoons in underpants and B does not like how they feel when he goes to the bathroom. You’ll hear “ew, gross” from across the room and find him standing in a puddle. He hasn’t gone on the potty yet, but he did pee sitting on a chair next to the potty (I personally count this as progress). He sits on the potty multiple times a day happily.

I have done a lot of research into this and it seems there are several camps, the 24 hour camp, the let it happen on its own camp, and the high level of encouragement camp. I am not one to let it happen on its own. I love my son, but it might be when he’s in high school when he decides to go on his own. So, although, I don’t think 24 hour training is in our future, I do think that after one concentrated week, we can get there. It’s amazing how many opinions are out there on potty training.

It’s especially promising because J will be home that whole week and B just loves to do what his daddy is doing. It’s amazing how close those two have become in such a short time. Although, J does discipline him more now, B is rapidly becoming Dad’s little clone. The peals of laughter that I hear throughout the house when they are playing together just make my heart melt. I really think that B will potty train quickly just to impress his Dad.

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks go and I will report back soon on our progress.

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