Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tales of the AEGIS School Nothing

Well, here we are 3 weeks into living in a hotel, kids in full time daycare and Mom trying her best to keep up in school. I can honestly say I have never been more challenged, stressed or exhausted in my whole life.

First off, living in a hotel room with a mini fridge and a microwave is a special hell all to itself. I believe interrogation tactics might be easier to endure at this point. Everyone is on top of each other, sharing a bed with a 2 year old is the least restful sleep anyone could ever get, and I live in constant fear of the kids being too loud (which they often are). Poor B has no where to stretch his legs and my crawling/cruising 7 month old (who does that this early, geez!) is doing his darndest to find every child safety hazard in the room.

Daycare, oh daycare. I don't think I ever truly realized how lucky we were to have a nanny (who won't be coming back, we are devastated and in a major scramble). Seeing the very sad little faces plastered in the door when I leave and come back every day has been beyond heartbreaking. B has especially struggled. And I now live in constant fear of someone being sick and what I am going to do (if you miss too many days - ie 2 - you get dropped from the course). I am so paranoid, that I have two daycares and a babysitter set up as back ups.

And least of all, this school is really hard! I have been trying to shift myself back into study/learning mode and maybe I am just too old, but it ain't working. I'm doing all right, but a lot of times it's by a wing and a prayer. I wish I had more time after class to study, but I have to get the kids by a certain time and I really hate leaving them at the day care longer than I have to.

So, needless to say, the times are pretty exciting right now. I told hubs yesterday, I feel like a dog in the corner trying to fight my way out. I am constantly on the look out for another glitch in the plan and constantly running scenarios for how I am going to deal with them, which makes for one frazzled mommy. Thank goodness it's only 7 more weeks. :/

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  1. Oh goodness gracious.... I can't imagine! Sending you lots of hugs and prayers and crossed fingers that everything goes according to plan for the next several weeks!!